Where to buy greeting cards
Greeting cards

Where to buy greeting cards?

Where to buy greeting cards. There are so many different online stores where to buy greeting cards for all types of occasions. Whether you need a personalized card, a card for a special occasion or even a humorous birthday card, these sites will help you get the exact card that you are looking for.

Many of the online sites that sell cards will also have stores around the nation. So, you can easily grab a card on the go, or even on the way to the recipient’s birthday party! Have a look at the sites listed below in this article and see what cards you can discover.

The Greetings Card Company

The Greetings Card Company

This online store started in 1999 and is the UK’s leading online greetings card shop. They don’t have an in-person store, but what they do have is a library of over 3000 designs to suit every greeting card need. As well as this, they offer a handwritten message service on all cards, can personalize some of the card types they have, and can even do bulk orders for corporate or business events.

This lemon squeeze the day’ card is especially cute and can be used for a wide variety of occasions. Plus, it’s very affordable at only £1.60!

Card Factory

Card Factory

Everyone’s favorite discount card store, you can now shop the Card Factory both online and in-store. All of the cards start from 99p, and you can even get offers such as 10 cards for a pound! With deals like this, it’s no wonder the company is so popular!

They do cards for all occasions, and if you shop online you can also use their card personalization service on selected cards. You can even insert a cherished photo moment on a card to make it even more special. As well as cards, they also offer gifts for all ages, Christmas and party decorations, and fun little trinkets for affordable prices.

This 50th birthday card can be personalized with the recipient’s name and can be shipped to you within 24 hours. It’s fun and tongue-in-cheek, so sure to raise a laugh. Amazon Easily accessible, Amazon even offers a wide variety of greeting cards on its site, from big brands to independent sellers. Because of this, the price for each card varies and can even be upwards of £12! But they are worth it, and many sellers offer a personalization service for the cards for an added fee.

Hallmark is a popular option on the site, and even pop culture-themed cards such as Star Wars can be found on the site. Shipping can be free on selected items, and Amazon offers one-day delivery if you need the card quickly. This is a very simple card that is offered by Hallmark, and costs £1.75. Its bright colors on a dark background will help you to make an impact when it’s displayed on the mantelpiece.

Overall, the choice of sites online where you can buy greeting cards is huge, and the industry is continually growing. Sites like Funky Pidgeon paved the way for personalization of fun cards for all occasions, and therefore many companies have followed suit.

Other companies pride themselves on simple and minimal designs or even handwritten messages inside the card for that special touch. You’ll never find it difficult to find a great greeting card for every person in your life when you have Google at your fingertips!

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