How to make greeting cards
Greeting cards

How to make greeting cards?

Handmade greeting cards are the best gift if you want them to be happy. Handmade stuff especially greeting cards give people a warmth in their heart as they are personal and not everyone is ready to make them. It is not hard to make greeting cards.

Greeting cards that are handmade are cherished forever and no one wants to throw them away. They represent love and affection because they are made only for you and not like the market ones that have a thousand copies of it. Here are some easy ways to make a presentable greeting card for your special human.

Here are the best solutions to how to make greeting cards

Here are the best solutions to how to make greeting cards

What you will need:

  1. A pair of scissors
  2. A chart paper; colored or white that depends on your choice or design
  3. Glue (a good quality glue so that the stuff you stick is strongly stuck)
  4. A bunch of different colored papers; you can even use your scrapbook or buy one for different color pages
  5. A ruler
  6. Black marker
  7. Pencil and Eraser

How to?

  1. First, cut out a rectangular shaped paper from your colored or white chart paper. You can also use an A4 or A5 size sheet to use it as your card.
  2. Fold your rectangular sheet in half. You can also use any sheet of paper kept or lying down waste in your house. Cut out a rectangle shape out of the sheet and fold it in half.
  3. Decide on what topic or what occasion you want to make the card. It can be anything from a birthday to wishing Happy Holidays.
  4. Once you know for what you are making the card for then decide on the design or pictures to stick on it. You can also draw something on the top of your card to make it more personal or you can cut out designs or characters from magazines or other books or newspapers and place it on your card.
  5. Stick your pictures on the card using glue. Before sticking them you can also put them on without glue just to check how the card will look with the stuff you have decided to stick.
  6. Stick it if it’s all good looking.
  7. Open up the card and start writing personalized text such as “Happy Birthday” or “Enjoy your holidays” whatever you want to write. While writing, pour your heart out in the card so that your card represents affection and care for the one you are making it for. You can also write on the top of the card.
  8. Buy or find an envelope or make one. When you are done with the envelope then keep your card inside it carefully.
  9. You can also make your envelope look pretty by using stickers or drawing small things with sketch pens or markers. You can write what you feel on the envelope and can also use it as something to write the “to” and “from”. You’re done!

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