Types of Greeting Cards
Greeting cards

Types of Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are an extremely common way for people to express their friendship or other feelings of good will to one another. They have been around since the 15th century but were popularised in the 1800s. These can be sent on certain occasions such as Christmas or Easter holidays, or they can be sent for just personal occasions like giving thanks or just to even say hello. It is estimated that in the United States alone, over $7 billion dollars are spent annually on greeting cards. There is a very wide range of greetings cards people can choose from.

Greeting cards

First is the standard greetings card. This is folded and in a rectangular shape. There is usually a picture or a motif on the front. Next, you will find a message pre-printed inside that is relevant to the occasion, with a space underneath where the sender is able to write a hand-written message.


Recently, there has been an increase in the popularity of photo greeting cards. There are usually two types of these. One is where there’s a template with a hole in the center. The sender is able to add a photo into that whole, the template acts as a frame. The other type is printed photo cards, where a photo is chosen along with personalized artwork and printed onto the card face. These types of cards are usually sent for holiday occasions.

Along with photo greeting cards, electronic, or e-cards are also rising in popularity. These cards are usually sent through email or social media platforms such as Facebook. There are also services available which allow users to send these e-greeting cards through their smartphones by online apps. Similarly, digital greeting cards can be found and bought online and sent to you in a pdf document. The card can then be printed at home or at a relevant shop. These types of cards are readily available.

Some might also prefer more innovative cards. These include musical and pop-up cards. Musical cards are usually 3D and handmade and when opened, play certain songs, some which have been pre-recorded by the makers and some which can be recorded by the sender after they have bought it. Pop-up cards have been popular for a very long time. These are cards that, when opened, have a picture popping out’ and surprising the receiver. These pictures come in a great variety, artful or even humorous. These cards make use of tabs inside a pre-folded card, with the image being stuck on the bottom segment of the tabs, which are able to fold down neatly upon closure of the card and pop up upon the next opening.

People commonly resort to making their own greeting cards. These are quick and easy to make and only require a good quality piece of paper, and at least a little bit of an ability to draw and write. You have many different options in the way you can fold the card, whether square folded, tri-folded or even flat, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!

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